Finished Stainless Steel Counter Top
For Your Home Bar

Replace your entire cabinet top with a unique stainless steel finished top cocktail station for a stylish look that shows your guests you really know how to entertain.

Finished stainless steel counter top

The stainless steel counter top can be installed with any cabinetry. Drainboard, cocktail ice bin, bottle well, and lighted bottle rail are optional features and are offered in a variety of sizes that can be custom built to suite your unique needs.

Three stainless steel finish options are available:

Brushed finish   Patterned jewel finish   Feathered jewel finish
Brushed Finish
Patterned Jewel Finish
Feathered Jewel Finish

Stainless Steel Counter Top Features

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Includes radius bend top edge on front and sides. Available with non-radius edge on one or both sides for mounting next to a wall or vertical panel.
  • Front-to-back dimension is 25-1/4" (custom sizes available). Specify length to suit your needs up to 96".
  • Configurable top elements include a seamlessly welded drainboard glass storage area, bottle well, cocktail ice bin, and sink.
  • The optional seamlessly welded drainboard glass storage area consists of a stamped pan with perforated insert providing air circulation for drying glassware. Available in 12", 18", 24", or 30" sizes.
  • The optional cocktail ice bin includes sliding stainless steel cover with condiment cups. Available in 12", 18", or 24" sizes.
  • The optional bottle well and cocktail ice bin are foamed-in-place insulated with an ABS plastic breaker strip around the ice bin liner to prevent thermal transfer from outside the ice bin so that your ice lasts longer.
  • The optional easy to clean sink is stainless steel and seamlessly welded into the work surface. Faucet holes provided - specify hole pattern required. Drain fitting is included.
  • Bottle rail accessory is available to mount inside the cabinet door below the top for easy-access storage for bottles (See Stainless Bottle Rails page).
  • A lighted bottle rail accessory is available in 6" increments from 24" to 48" long to set on the rear portion of the top, providing a special highlight to your cocktail area.
  • Optional jeweled finish is available. Standard top finish is brushed stainless steel.
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