Built-In Cocktail Station & Sink

Entertain your guests like a professional with this Built-In Cocktail Station. Create a beautiful home bar by installing the station into your island with the cabinetry of your choice (Glastender stainless steel door insert shown installed).

Glastender Home Built-In

The Built-In Cocktail Station and Sink is constructed with weather resistant stainless steel, and includes a cocktail ice bin with a sliding stainless steel cover, three condiment cups, bottle well for iced bottle storage, sink with cold water faucet, cutting board, bottle rail, towel bar, and bottle opener and cap catcher.

Glastender home cocktail stations are manufactured to the same level of detail as the commercial equipment we have been manufacturing since 1969. Attractive, intuitive design makes our cocktail stations a pleasure to use and easy to maintain.

  • Weather resistant stainless steel construction.
  • Condiment area includes hinged stainless steel sanitary cover.
  • BCS42 model includes a seamlessly welded drainboard glass storage area consisting of a stamped pan and perforated insert providing air circulation for drying glassware.
  • Removable cutting board is easy to clean and allows you to replenish condiments right at the station.
  • The convenient bottle rail provides easy access storage for bottles and includes a front mounted towel bar.
  • Mounted below the bottle opener is a removable cap catcher for easy disposal during clean-up.
  • Insulated bottle well storage for chilling juices, mixes, or wine is separate from the cocktail ice bin liner, preventing contamination of the ice used to make your cocktails.
  • The easy to clean sink is stainless steel and seamlessly welded into the work surface. Drain fitting is included.
  • Foamed-in-place insulation and a PVC plastic breaker strip around the ice bin liners prevent thermal transfer from outside the ice bin so that your ice lasts longer.
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